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 Sin City Private Investigators

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Robert L. Clymer

Special Agent, FBI (Retired)

NV Private Investigator #1421


I am especially pleased to have this time to commend you for your sustained exceptional performance...Your endeavors have certainly been of significant value in addressing the many vital issues you have undertaken. You have worked long, arduous hours to ensure results, and this sheer determination, coupled with your extensive knowledge of procedures, has enabled you to effectively accomplish the needs of your division. Your invaluable contributions could serve as a model for all FBI employees, and I want to take this moment to thank you for a job very well done.

Louis J. Freeh, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for Robert's assistance and commend his performance. I was most impressed by his genuine desire and interest in the case. It is always a pleasure to work with a person like Robert whose skill, acumen and demeanor are big additions to a prosecutive team.

Richard J. Marien, Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, Chief, Organized Crime Strike Force Unit

Exceptional efforts of Robert Clymer in the preparation and trial of United States v. Anthony Civella ... Mr. Clymer's work, as well as his testimony during trial, allowed the government to present a tortuous trail of financial data in a simple and forceful format which focused the jury's attention on the crucial transactions. Mr. Clymer, and those individuals working under his direction, were an integral part of the successful prosecution of this case"

Paul S. Becker, Assistant United States Attorney, Chief, Organized Crime Strike Force Unit

I would like to take this moment to commend you for your outstanding efforts in connection with the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) investigation involving Anthony Civella and others. Your dedication and expertise were vital to the tremendous success of this case. Your contributions should be a source of great pride to you, and on behalf of the FBI, I thank you for your valuable services during this endeavor.

Williams S. Sessions, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

On behalf of our office I wish to commend Special Agent Robert Clymer for exemplary support of the investigation into Meridian Capital Management. As you are aware, the growing problem of telemarketing fraud costs society billions of dollars each year, particularly victimizing senior citizens who lost their life savings to such schemes...Special Agent Clymer's cooperation and expertise contributed greatly to the success of the search (warrants executed August 22, 1995), and it was crucial to the effective continuation of our investigation.

Eric H. Holder, Jr - United States Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice

Your exceptional efforts have significantly contributed to the investigative mission of the Kansas City Division. You worked extensively on a check kiting case involving William J. Camuti by preparing a lengthy check kite analysis which led directly to Camuti's indictment. You demonstrated a tremendous ability to analyze and review documents, as well as coordinate the endeavors of others.

Williams S. Sessions, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Your professional and technical knowledge, combined with diligence and tact, was instrumental in the successful indictment of 31 subjects (Senior Sentinel case). As case Agent, you executed your investigative skills in an effective and proficient manner. Your initiative, tenacity, and dedication contributed greatly to the results of this undertaking, along with your perseverance, expertise, and willingness to work lang, arduous hours in order to achieve your goals.

Louis J. Freeh, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tireless and unselfish efforts during your assignment to the PENTTBOMB investigation. Your dedication to duty, aggressive participation and willingness to handle the myriad of responsibilities tasked of you is a true credit to the FBI and to yourself. The FBI has never faced an investigative task of this magniture and all of the FBI employees rose to the occasion during this time of crisis. I consider your work ethic during this time period to be exceptional and is what makes the FBI the great organization that it is. You are the type of employee that makes as all proud to be working for the FBI during these trying times.

Grand D. Ashley, Special Agent in Charge, Las Vegas Field Office

I would like to take the opportunity to recognize your outstanding efforts in connection with the Jack Edward Galardi public corruption investigation. You enthusiastically worked long hours and participated in various capacities during this case. Your dedicated efforts and professionalism contributed significantly to the case.

Ellen B. Knowlton, Special Agent in Charge, Las Vegas Field Office

On behalf of the Organized Crime Squad, I want to express our appreciation to everyone who participated in the search of the Crazy Horse Too yesterday ... We reminded Rizzolo and company that there are still those of us whose integrity cannot be bought. I could not be more impressed with your professionalism. The (FBI) Director was equally impressed with your work. The Director commented that this is one of the foremost criminal investigations in the Bureau today. 

Jerry W. Hanford, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI, Organized Crime Squad, Las Vegas Field Office

I have known Special Agent (SA) Robert Clymer since 1995. I would rate SA Clymer in the Exceptional category as to the performance of his assigned duties based on his outstanding productivity. If SA Clymer's statistical record of accomplishments were to be reviewed they would show a depth of indictments and convictions in a variety of FBI criminal programs to include White Collar Crime and Organized Crime cases. The quality of his work product would show that he wrote, organized and executed as well as assisted other Specail Agents in over 100 Search Warrants. He has testified before numerous Grand Juries with great success. He also wrote numerous Title IIIs (wiretaps) which were used in the successful conviction of numerous FBI subjects. His development of concise Prosecution reports to the United States Attorney's Office were a model for other Agents to emulate.

Aurelio Flores, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI, Los Angeles Field Office

In late 2002 and early 2003, I had occasion to work with Special Agent (SA) Clymer in an organized crime / drug trafficking investigation into a methamphetamine trafficker by the name of Michael Schulze. Although Schulze lived in Las Vegas, his primary drug trafficking activity was in sending methamphetamine to Hawaii. The investigation showed that Schulze was the head of a drug trafficking organization which shipped nearly 1,000 pounds of methamphetamine to Hawaii over a 5-year period. FBI SA Robert Clymer was the primary agent assigned to assist our investigation in Las Vegas. SA Clymer always willingly and promptly assisted us with whatever tasks we requested. On one occasion I requested SA Clymer to locate an important potential witness and interview him. SA Clymer took the initiative to find the individual and used his interviewing skills to extract important information which assisted our conduct of the prosecution. SA Clymer flew to Hawaii during trial to provide testimony. In sum, SA Clymer showed initiative, intelligence and a pleasant helpful attitude which assisted our investigation and prosecution of the Schulze case substantially.

Kenneth M. Sorenson, Assistant United States Attorney,

Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force, Hawaii

FBI Agent Clymer's work ethic was second to none. He excelled in everything he did. From organizing complex cases, preparing and executing search and arrest warrants to collecting evidence and managing informants, SA Clymer always gave everything he could to successfully accomplish getting the job done.

James Hayley, Investigator, State of Nevada, Attorney General's Office

Special Agent Robert Clymer had worked organized crime cases in the Kansas City area prior to my meeting him and I relied heavily on his expertise over the years as i had many cases dealing with crime figures from that city who were living in Las Vegas. SA Clymer was easy to work with and I found him to be accessible and dependable on any of the matters we were working on.

James Taylor, Special Agent, Nevada State Gaming Control Board

I have worked closely with FBI Agent Robert Clymer. Agent Clymer stood out among the FBI Special Agents because he displayed a professional demeanor at all times and I could count on him to carry any instructions or suggestions that I had concerning specific investigative goals. I consider Agent Clymer to be dependable and trustworthy and have only good things to say about him.

Grenville Pridham, Prosecutor, Nevada Attorney General 

I am a Supervisory Special Agent with approximately 19 years of experience in the FBI, having expertise in complex criminal and organized crime investigations, and I can say with confidence that from where I stand, SA Clymer has demonstrated some of the highest levels of organizational and planning, liaison, communication, and leadership skills, I have observed in my tenure. Men and women with SA Clymer's qualities are the reason why the FBI continues to have success in fulfilling its mission to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States on behalf of its citizens, and I am proud to be associated with him.

Gary J. Burton, Unit Chief, Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit, FBI Laboratory

Special Agent (SA) Clymer produced a quality work product and his ability to organize a complex investigation was a model for others on the squad to follow. SA Clymer was extremely successful in his investigations and contributed substantially to the goals and objectives of the squad. On the occasions that I observed SA Clymer "in action," he was always very firm, but fair with subjects in confrontational situations.

Jay Sieger, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI, Las Vegas Field Office


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