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 Sin City Private Investigators

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Robert L. Clymer

Special Agent, FBI (Retired)

NV Private Investigator #1421

Call 1-833-746-2874

          As a young boy, growing up in the Midwest and influenced by such television shows as the Untouchables and Dragnet, Robert Clymer dreamed of one day becoming an FBI Agent. After graduating High School with Honors, he gained employment with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a “mail clerk,” doing such menial jobs as sorting mail, filing indices cards and answering the phones. However, this provided even further motivation to pursue his dream. In May 1992, Robert L. Clymer graduated from Columbia College and in January 1995 was “Appointed” the position of Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Nearly 10 years of hard work, attending night school and raising a family, Robert’s dream of becoming a Special Agent for the FBI finally came true.

          As an FBI Agent, Robert Clymer worked complex White Collar, Organized Crime, Fugitive, and Terrorism cases. The majority of his career with the FBI was spent working on Organized Crime matters. These investigations ranged from racketeering influenced corrupt organizations (RICO) and labor racketeering cases, to illegal alien smuggling and money laundering cases. These investigations were long-term and complex, requiring the use of sophisticated techniques, to include, but not limited to: undercover operations; use of confidential informants; Title-III (wire taps); search warrants; and confrontational interrogations. Consequently, FBI Agent Clymer testified in Federal Court on numerous occasions. In 2001, FBI Agent Clymer was promoted to the Principal Relief Supervisor position (a two-year appointment) for the Organized Crime Squad. In 2004, he served another two years as the Principal Relief Supervisor for the Transnational Criminal Enterprise Program and after a 22-year career with the FBI, Robert retired.

          Robert Clymer is now the founding member and CEO of Sin City Private Investigators where he has spent the majority of his efforts and energies in helping “the little guy” with complex personal and legal matters. The driving purpose of Sin City Private Investigators is to help others who either cannot stand up for themselves or find themselves in difficult situations and require Robert’s unique set of abilities and talents to resolve their difficult issues. Sin City Private Investigators treats every case with utmost importance and every client with utter respect. At Sin City Private Investigators we believe our clients deserve our best efforts and resources to effectively and efficiently resolve their cases in a logical and concise manner.

          It is the sincere desire of Sin City Private Investigators to provide the highest level of service and professionalism to all of our clients, regardless of a person’s financial abilities or physical attributes, i.e., Race, Gender, or Beliefs. In doing so, Sin City Private Investigators has earned the loftiest of reputations within the industry. We will continue to strive to be the very best Private Investigative firm available in the State of Nevada.


Call 1-833-746-2874

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Nevada Private Investigator's License #1421

Why Sin City PI?

As the Licensee of Sin City Private Investigators, Robert L. Clymer has the ability to access an Entire Network of Retired FBI Agents Worldwide who now work as Private Investigators.