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 Sin City Private Investigators

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Robert L. Clymer

Special Agent, FBI (Retired)

NV Private Investigator #1421

Call 1-833-746-2874

Asset Investigations

You wouldn't normally think that information such as a person's or corporation's bank account balance or investment account balance would be legally available. You would think that personal financial information like a bank account balance would be private. However, thanks to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, Private Investigators can conduct investigations to locate an entities bank and investment accounts. Sin City Private Investigators can provide you with verified bank and investment account information through research done within Federal and State privacy laws. This account information is legally obtained and can be used in a Court of law!

Our investigators are trained professionals with a background in Financial Crimes and White Collar Criminal investigations as law enforcement officials. This type of information is not available through an internet database or a "point and click" search system. These cases require our investigators to conduct research to determine where an individual or a corporation conducts financial transactions. Once you hire Sin City Private Investigators to locate bank and/or investment accounts, we will provide you with the name and address of the financial institution, the number and type of accounts held at the institution, the account holder's name and the balance in the account on the day of the search. We cannot provide any information concerning individual account transaction details. And, unlike other firms claiming to conduct financial investigations who stop after the first "Hit", we do not cease our investigative efforts and research until all of the bank and/or investment accounts have been located.

Once you have an entities' bank and/or investment account information, you can:

  • Collect on your Judgment
  • Prove to the Courts the actual funds available to an individual, ie divorce cases
  • Determine whether a potential investor has the funds necessary to be your business partner

Every person's investigative needs are different and every asset investigation we perform is different. Based upon your investigative needs, we can search the entire United States for an entities' bank accounts or simply conduct a search within one particular State. We can combine a search of the entire United States for bank accounts with a Nationwide Investment account search or we can conduct an all inclusive search of a persons complete financial profile. In fact, with our Worldwide Network of retired FBI Agents, we can gather financial information from all over the World. All of these asset investigations have different price points and require different time tables to complete. Call us today to determine which investigative package is appropriate for your needs.

*All Asset Searches are processed in Strict Compliance of the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act of 1999 as well as all other applicable Federal and State laws including FCRA and FDCPA.


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Nevada Private Investigator's License #1421